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August 12, 2018                                                         Volume 71, No. 32

Mass Schedule

Please note: Reconciliation Saturdays 3:15-3:45; Saturday mornings 7:00-7:15 a.m.  Missions: 45-20 min. before Mass; or call the Office for appointment, please.


  7:30 AM


     +Zeno Erdle       (For Rain)                                                         


  10:00 AM

    7:00 PM

    7:00 PM

Health Center

St. Thomas

St. Stephen

     +Margaret Kostelecky

     +Rose St Peter



    7:30 AM

    7:00 PM



   ++Ervin & Mildred Hoff                                                  

     +Gordon Privratsky


    7:30  AM


     +Bertha Hunke & Robert Hunke Family                             


 7:30 AM


   ++Raymond & Catherine Pflepsen                                      


  Aug. 19th    

    7:30 AM

    4:00 PM

    7:00 PM



St Thomas

     +Marvin Cassezza                                  

   ++Bob & Marge Buresh                       

     +Gordon Privratsky     


 Aug. 20th

    8:00 AM

  10:00 AM

St. Stephen       Richardton


     +Katie Sticka                         

Mass Schedule and Ministers for Aug. 19th & 20th      


August 14


7:00 PM

St. Thomas


7:00 PM

St Stephen

Lector: Jerry Wicks

Servers: TJ Meyer & Area Sickler


Lector: Mike Greff     Servers: Volunteers

Euch, Min: Leon & Sherryl Friedt


August 15


7:30 am

7:00 PM


Lector: am volunteer- pm- Jody Hoff           Servers: am & pm – volunteers

Eucharistic Ministers: 7:30am body only – Suzy Rummel

                                       7:00 pm body only – Bobbie Fandrich


Aug. 19th



4:00 PM



7:00 PM

St. Thomas 

Lector: Jack Wyckoff                Server: Joseph Bohn               

Eucharistic Ministers: Ken Haag         Harvey & Geri Baer                        


Lector: Lisa Sickler              

Servers: Ella & Blake Sickler 





Aug. 20th

19th Sunday in ordinary Time

8:00 AM

St. Stephen


10:00AM  Richardton

Lector: John Haas                        Servers: Grace Goetz & Jaycea Thomas

Eucharistic Ministers: Mike & Paula Greff


Lector: Robert Bohn              Servers: Collin Grage & Monte Dominguez                  Eucharistic Ministers: Becki Hoff     Jim & Bernie Staudinger

Collections for August 5, 2018

St. Mary’s

St. Stephen’s

St. Thomas

















Thank you for joining us today in worship; we hope you will return often. If you are

new to our faith or community and want to join our parish, please call our office at 974-3569.






THANKS to the 18-20 people who showed up again to make noodles on Wednesday morning.  A nice time was had by all and lots of noodles were made (31#).  Thanks to those who donate the eggs and flour and to the organizers.  Final noodle making event is this Wednesday @ 8:30 in the KC room.  Come help if you can!

THANK YOU  for the cucumbers!  Because I will be gone Aug. 15 – 22, I will not need any this week. 

RAFFLE TICKETS!! are ready for you in the entry of the church.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am extending the challenge to all of us to sell the 10,000 tickets.  This is a major part of our Fall Church Dinner financial success and part of the proceeds will be put toward new tables for the Social Center.  The current tables have given us many years of service but are showing their wear and tear, getting harder to repair and heavier to move as we get older!  And we also need to replace several metal doors in the Social Center which will cost over $10,000.  Thank You so much for your efforts to buy and sell!

CRAFT BOOTH: this year we will put the Craft Booth in the former Mass room on the north end of the Social Center.  This will give us more room for the many crafts and foods and give us more room in the dining room to feed our guests.  This may help alleviate congestion but we will all have to help direct people to and promote the new location of the Craft Room.  This generates over $3000 for us so we need it!  Thanks to Becki Hoff

WE ARE IN NEED: of Rel. Ed teachers for Grade 5 (4? students) and Grade 6 (7? students).  Contact Jessi Olson 701 429 3453 please.

XMAS EVE MASS: some have expressed an earlier time for Xmas Eve Mass.  We have been celebrating it at 10 pm for quite a few years.  Some time this fall we would like to get your time preference.  Since this is a decision that could also impact St. Stephen and the Abbey we need to think beyond just our personal wants or needs.  I just want to give you a heads up to start thinking about it.  After all, Christmas is less than 150 days away!

A WONDERFUL GIFT arrived last week: someone graciously donated new shelving for the Social Center cooler!  This will be a wonderful improvement to an already nice kitchen/dining facility we all enjoy.  Thank you so much for thinking of the parish with your generosity.  It makes a good time to remind people to label and date  the things that are put in the cooler, especially after funeral dinners, coffee/rolls, etc.  After awhile, some foods are difficult to recognize by sight or smell J  We will shut the cooler off so we can scrub and repaint it before installing the new shelves.

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: Knight of the Month: Robert Bohn; Family of the Month: Harvey/Geri Baer; $50 winner: Robert Bohn.



THANKS to all who came last Monday evening to mow the cemetery and grounds.  It looks nice

and neat.  Thanks too, to the someone who took care of spraying the weeds awhile back.


THURSDAY: is the feast of our parish patron, Stephen, King of Hungary.  Say a prayer of thanks to him for his protection, blessing and intercession the past 118 yrs. and for his continued blessings.  By way of interest, his son, Emeric, is also a saint.   

REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 15 4:00 MASS: is the wedding of Eily Hardy and Robert Messmer, Jr.  This will also be our parish Sunday Mass.  Please mark your calendars appropriately.



LAWN: Apparently, no leak was found but the sprinkler system had been running excessively, saturating the lawn to the point that moisture was coming into the basement floor.  Please do not change the settings on the system!!  The grass may go dormant from less water but it will not die. 



PLEASE PRAY for those who are seriously ill, terminally ill or in immediate concern.  Karen Wolf,  Jacob Reyles, Greg Meyer, Sherry Urlacher, Rosie Weiler, MaryAnn Hoff, LaDonna Portscheller, Peter Hecker, Willard Schank, Jim Gallagher and all others in need or facing difficulties.  They appreciate our remembrance in prayer.

CATHOLIC YOUNG ADULT GROUP: August 19th , Ages 20-35, single or married.  Kids welcome!  Come and join us for an afternoon of fun, socializing, and speaker!  Please bring a side dish or dessert to share for a potluck supper!  Gather at Deacon Lance and Anissa Gardner’s home in Glen Ullin at 3 PM CT.  Contact Elizabeth Gardner (701-460-0943) for directions & information.  


      Don’t forget this week, Wednesday, we have a Holy Day of Obligation:  the Assumption of Mary, Body & Soul, into Heaven.  Masses Tuesday evening at Sts. Stephen and Thomas and at St. Mary Wednesday morning and evening.  What Mary has already been honored to receive, we hope to receive at the Final Judgment.  Happy Feast Day to the monks of Assumption Abbey!

      “Thank You” to those who faithfully attend daily Mass and for those who make the effort to come on Mondays to pray for rain, in gratitude for rain received and for protection from destructive storms, insects and diseases.  How different our prayers are from those we were sending to heaven

last summer!  Thank you God for looking kindly upon us this year.  Protect us all as we head into the harvest season.








Some have already registered for RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) classes.  There is room for more.  RCIA is geared for those who want to learn more about the Catholic faith with an

eye toward possibly joining the church or for those who just want to learn more about the Catholic faith.  The class meets weekly at a prearranged time and location, both fall and spring.  If an adult is


not confirmed, this could also be a good opportunity to prepare.  Please call the office (974 3569) for more information or to register. 

        Once again Cal and Julie Hoff are making sweet corn available at their farm after Aug. 20.   Please call them (290-6845, 290-6843, 974-3507) before coming to pick the corn.  A free will offering from you will go to support Badlands Ministries.  Thanks for your generosity.

Finally, have you ever noticed that no one is listening until you make a mistake and that bills travel through the mail twice as fast as checks?  Have a  safe week; keep cool and hydrated and say a prayer for those adversely affected by weather.     

Fr. Thomas, OSB



Aug. 12                   St. Thomas Parish Picnic following 10:00 Mass

Aug. 12                   Abbey Donor Event 1:30 – 4:00

Aug. 15                   Solemnity of the Assumption & Holy Day of Obligation

                                Masses: Aug. 14 7:00 pm @ Sts. Stephen & Thomas

                                               Aug. 15 7:30 am & 7:00pm @ St. Mary

Aug. 15-22              Fr. Thomas home to vacation

Aug. 16                   Feast of St. Stephen, King of Hungary

Aug. 25                   Messmer/Metcalf Wedding @ St. Mary 2 pm

Sept. 3-6                 Fr. Thomas attending Fall Clergy Conference @ Medora

Sept. 5                    Rel. Ed Teachers meeting

Sept. 9                    Fall Dinner, St. Hildegard, Menoken, ND    

Sept. 12                  Rel. Ed classes begin

Sept. 15                  Messmer/Hardy Wedding @ St. Stephen 4 pm

Sept. 22                  Thirst 2018 Women’s Conference sponsored by Diocese of Bismarck

Oct. 7                      St. Mary, Richardton Fall Church Dinner

Oct. 20-23              All-Parish Mission @ St. Mary by Fr. John Guthrie

Nov. 1                     Solemnity of All Saints & Holy Day of Obligation

                                Masses: Oct. 31 4:00 Social Center (Rel. Ed)

                                                              7:00 pm @ Sts. Stephen & Thomas

                                                Nov. 1  7:30 am & 7:00 pm @ St. Mary

Nov. 4                     Bingo Party @ St. Stephen 3:00 pm

Nov. 22                   Thanksgiving Day Mass 7:30 @ St. Mary;  9:30 @ St. Stephen