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December 9, 2018                                                                  Volume 71, No. 49

Mass Schedule

Please note: Reconciliation Saturdays 3:15-3:45; Saturday mornings 7:00-7:15 a.m.  Missions: 45-20 min. before Mass; or call the Office for appointment, please.


    7:30 AM


          No Mass                        


   10:00 AM

Nursing Home

        +Jayne Rummel Montplaiser


    7:30 AM


      ++Rose Hueske                                  


    7:30 AM


      ++Bob & Marge Buresh                 


 9:30 AM


           Funeral Mass for Helen Wilmes                                             


  Dec. 15th    


    7:30 AM

    4:00 PM

    7:00 PM



St. Thomas 

        +Angie Vogle                                 

        +Zeno Eerdle

        +Frank Morel                                  


 Dec. 16th 

    8:00 AM

  10:00 AM

St. Stephen Richardton

        +Eleanor Ludwig 


Mass Schedule and Ministers for December 15th & 16th


Dec. 15th

4:00 PM




7:00 PM

St. Thomas

Lector: Susan Cook                                      Server: Abby Lacher                              

Eucharistic Ministers: Suzy Rummel        Reid Vaagen & Scott Bohn 


Lector: Tina Meyer                             

Servers: Ella & Blake Sickler





Dec. 16th    


8:00 AM

St. Stephen



10:00AM  Richardton

Lector: Gary Friedt                      Servers: Gabby & Will Messer              

Eucharistic Ministers: Duane & Karen Zent             

Gift Bearers: Matt & Kelsey Dobitz               


Lector: Lea Floberg                 Servers: Collin & Callie Grage                           Eucharistic Ministers: Mike Erdle       Patty Erdle & Anita Elkin                                



Collections for December 2,  2018

St. Mary’s

St. Stephen’s

St. Thomas





















Thank you for joining us today in worship; we hope you will return often. If you are

new to our faith or community and want to join our parish, please call our office at 974-3569.



OUR SYMPATHY: to the family and friends of Helen Wilmes who died Thursday evening.  Her funeral will be Friday @ 9:30.  Helen had a wonderful sense of humor and ready smile which she shared with all.  May the angels welcome her to paradise and the Good Shepherd comfort her loved ones!

CARING HEARTS FOOD DRIVE:  On Dec.12 students will go around town picking up non-perishable items for the Caring Hearts Food Drive.  Please leave your porch light on if you wish them to stop at your house.  Please pick up a bag in the front entrance of church & return it by Dec. 16th.

NO MONDAY A.M. MASS: Bishop Kagan has called a special mandatory meeting for all diocesan priests and pastors this Monday morning.  Thus we will not have the usual 7:30 a.m. Mass. 

DONATIONS: for Christmas flowers can be dropped in the collection or at the office in a clearly marked envelope for that purpose.  Thanks for helping us continue our strong tradition of a beautifully decorated church!

CHRISTMAS EVE MASS: the balloting done recently showed no clear preference for a Christmas Eve Mass time.  Thus I have decided to keep it at the 10:00 pm time this year.

DON’T FORGET:  the Xmas church cleaning is set for Saturday Dec. 15 following the 7:30 am Mass.  All cleaning supplies are provided and we’re usually done in 2 - 2 1/2 hrs or less if we get enough volunteers.  On behalf of the parish I thank the regular cleaners who do a good frequent cleaning so that this cleaning is not so arduous. 

ST. MARY CHRISTMAS PROGRAM is Dec 16th at the Social Center.  Program & Spaghetti lunch with a free will offering starts at 11am.  All are welcome to come and enjoy.

THANK YOU: for all the thoughts and prayers for me when I needed them.  I’m very blessed and thankful to have friends and family.  May God bless all of you this Christmas Season!  Joan Zimmerman

CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS: Christmas Party on Dec. 13. Bring a guest! Rosary at 6:50 pm meeting to follow  Agenda: Gifts for Health Center.   Lunch: Ann Loran, Kathy Hueske, Pam Aman, Jacque Kitzan


FOOD DRIVE: continues.   Boxes are in back of Church for your donations.

CHRISTMAS EVE MASS: will be at 7:00 pm Dec. 24.

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: a short Christmas program by our young children will be presented in church at 6:30 pm on Saturday, Dec.22.  Mass will follow; rumor has it that St. Nicholas may stop by too.

ST. STEPHEN ROLL LIST FOR DEC. 16:  Jordyn Zent- Chr., Diane Messer – Bread, Lynn Greff, Doretta Naumann, Paula Greff, Jamie Thomas, DelRae Reisenauer

NEW SANCTUARY FURNISHINGS: arrived.  Thank you Jerry Haich for the beautiful work! The altar is funded through the generosity of 2 donors.  Other furniture remains available if you would like to fund something.  Otherwise, any gifts are most welcome to cover the costs as outlined in a previous bulletin (a copy is on the hallway wall by the front entrance).  A couple of gifts came in this week that put us just under the 1/2 way mark.  Thanks for your generosity!  


NEW SANCTUARY FURNISHINGS:  Thank you Jerry Haich for the beautiful work!  I am happy to report that through the generosity of the children of Victor & Barbara Rohr, the altar is funded in their memory and a gift in memory of Karen Wolf was made as well as an anonymous gift which has put us a bit over the 1/2 way mark. Thank You!


KC MEETING: Sunday night @ 7:00 pm.  See you there!


PLEASE PRAY for those who are seriously ill, terminally ill or in immediate concern.  Emil Wieglenda, Sherry Urlacher, LaDonna Portscheller, Jim Gallagher, Theresa Messer, Jacob/Dorothy Herold, Ralph Messer, Leo Stein, Marci Krug, Minerva Zimmerman, Katie Thomas Kautzman and all others in need or facing difficulties.  They appreciate our remembrance in prayer.

BIBLE STUDY:   2 new Bible Studies!!  Starting Jan. 2, “A Biblical Walk through the Mass.”  This is an interesting 5 week study you might want to consider.  Then starting in February the Study will be, “Ephesians: Discover Your Inheritance.”  This is an 8 week study and will end by March 27.  You may take 1 or the other or both; cost is $19.95 plus shipping for each Study (about $44 for both).  The class meets Wednesdays @ 1:00 at St. Mary Social Center.  In order to get the materials in time you must register by Dec. 11 with either Colleen Hutchinson (974 3982) or Marilyn Lacher (974 2456).      

SEVERAL CHOIRS, ORCHESTRA & BAND: from DSU will present a Christmas Concert @ St. Mary Church Sunday afternoon @ 2:00 pm.  Adults $10; Seniors/Children $5 

ADVENT PARISH MISSION: Dec. 16-18 from 7-8 pm @ Queen of Peace by Msgr. James Shea.


        Our Advent Reconciliation Service (Confession) for all  3 parishes will be Tuesday, Dec.11 @ 7:00 pm at St. Mary.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to confess your sins, amend your life and receive God’s forgiveness, mercy and grace.  There will be 4 priests available to celebrate the sacrament.   A good examination of conscience beforehand could include an honest look at relationships:  How do I love God?  How do I love my neighbor? How do I love myself?  Where am I at with these and how do I need to improve?  What is the Holy Spirit directing me to do about my failures in these areas?   

        We began the Advent Season last weekend.  It is our preparation to celebrate the historical event of Jesus’ birth into the world and his 2nd Coming at the end of the world.  If we can take a moment or two to ponder what this means—that Almighty God, creator of the universe, would send his only Son into the world as a human like us purely out of love for us and in his desire to save us so that we may live with God in heaven, it can change our lives.  Advent is always so busy but I might suggest that each of us take just 10 (or even 5!) minutes everyday and sit in silence—no TV, no music or radio or phones or computers or reading materials, no distractions—just sit in silence and listen and talk to God.  Give yourself an early Christmas gift of silence, calm and peace!  Just 10 or 5 minutes….come to Mass 5-10 minutes early to enjoy the gift!

        The Diocese is implementing a new program to financially benefit each parish: the Magi Appeal.  The idea is to follow the example of the 3 Kings who gave gifts to Jesus.  Each parish of the diocese has a separate endowment to benefit only that parish.  I would strongly encourage you to give a gift to your parish endowment because it is a gift that continues to give and St. Mary, St. Stephen and St. Thomas could each stand to have these funds work for them.  You can easily give by visiting: catholicfoundationdob.com and clicking on the “Donate Now” tab OR…by contacting the Catholic Foundation office @ 701 222 3035.    They can also advise you on tax benefits of your gift, estate planning to the parish endowment, etc.  Thanks for your generosity, love and loyalty to your parish and its future!

         Finally, a pastor confronted a tipsy church member: “Joe, whiskey is your worst enemy.”  “But didn’t you tell us last Sunday to love our enemies?” Joe replied. “Sure,” the pastor answered, “but I didn’t say anything about swallowing them.”

        Fr. Thomas, OSB





Dec. 9                     DSU Xmas Concert 2:00 @ St. Mary Church


                                St. Thomas KC meeting 7:00 pm

Dec. 11                  All Parish Reconciliation Service 7:00 pm @ St. Mary

Dec. 15                  St. Mary Church cleaning following 7:30 am Mass; all supplies provided

                                        Communicating from the Heart Workshop @ Sacred Heart Monastery

                                        8-11:30 am cost: $30.00   Presenter: Genie Kelley

Dec. 16                  10:00 Children’s Mass @ St. Mary & Xmas program/Free will Spaghetti

                                        Dinner @ Soc. Center

Dec. 22                  St. Stephen Children’s Xmas Program followed by Mass & St. Nicholas

Dec. 24                  7:00 pm Christmas Eve Mass @ St. Stephen

                                10:00 pm Christmas Eve Mass @ St. Mary

Dec. 25                  8:00 am Christmas Mass @ St. Thomas

                                10:00 am Mass @ St. Mary

Dec. 29                  Feast of the Holy Family & 5th Sunday Rosary for family life following

                                        10:00 St. Mary Mass

Jan. 1, 2019          Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God: Holy Day of Obligation

Jan. 2                     No Rel. Ed. classes

Jan. 6                     Solemnity of Epiphany

Jan. 9                     Rel. Ed. classes resume

Jan. 13                   Feast of the Baptism of the Lord & end of the Christmas Season

Jan. 20                   Children’s Liturgy of the Word starts @ 10:00 am St. Mary Mass &

                                        7:00 pm St. Stephen Mass

Jan. 27                   1st Reconciliation after 10:00 St. Mary Mass