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May 20, 2018                                                         Volume 71, No. 20

Mass Schedule

Please note: Reconciliation Saturdays 3:15-3:45; Saturday mornings 7:00-7:15 a.m.  Missions: 45-20 min. before Mass; or call the Office for appointment, please.


   7:30 AM


 +++Joe, Louise, Dan Haag  (& for Rain)                                                         


  10:00 AM  

Health Center

      +Edna Erhardt                                                                    


    7:30 AM  


      +Ted Maas Family                                


    7:30  AM


      +Mike Messer                                            


 7:30 AM


      +Catherine Miller (Anniversary)                                                                    


  May 26th

    7:30 AM

    4:00 PM

    7:00 PM



St Thomas

      +Ralph Erhardt                                           


      +Mike Messer                                                          


 May 27th   

    8:00 AM

  10:00 AM

St. Stephen 


      +Nick Rehling                                                       

      +Mildred Hoff                                                     

Mass Schedule and Ministers for May 26th & 27th                                               


May 26th    



4:00 PM




7:00 PM

St. Stephen

Lector: Ben Bohn                        Servers: Ella Scott & Joseph Bohn                  

Eucharistic Minister: Becki Hoff      Leo & Colleen Miller


Lector: Mike Greff         Servers: Maylyn Naumann & Ava Messer  

Eucharistic Minister: Gary Friedt & Kayla Zent

Gift Bearers: Leon & Sherryl Friedt                             


May 27th

Most Holy Trinity             

8:00 AM

St Thomas

10:00 AM


Lector: Jeff Morel    

Servers: T.J. Meyer & Aria Sickler              

Lector: Lea Floberg    Servers: Mack Hoselton/Alayna Dressler/Lee Hoff                                                             Eucharistic Minister: Robert Bohn         Mike & Patty Erdle                                  


Collections for May 13th 2018

St. Mary’s

St. Stephen’s

St. Thomas


























Thank you for joining us today in worship; we hope you will return often. If you are

new to our faith or community and want to join our parish, please call our office at 974-3569.





IT IS TIME: to replace the middle doors at the Social Center.  The replacements will match the doors on the south end of the building and be more energy efficient.  We will also replace the west door and replace the cracked window on the north side at this time.  All this will cost at least $12,000.  Your generosity with the “Maintenance” and “Capital Improvements” envelopes helps, at least partially, fund these improvements.   Thank you for your support of these collections and various projects!  A check or envelope in the collection clearly marked “Doors” is appropriate if you’d like to specifically support this project. 

ALSO ON THE DOCKET: is a new St. Mary Church sign to replace the current sign.  Jody Hoff is coming up with some designs which the Finance and Parish Councils are reviewing.  Most likely we will use brick left from the church renewal projects in 2000 to make it more permanent.  When we did the last phase of the renewal we put electricity out to that area so we could possibly have a lit sign at some point.  

ST. MARY PARISH PICNIC: is Sunday, June 10 with 10:00 Mass celebrated at the Social Center.  The picnic will follow; kids games, good eats and even better company!   Mark your calendars….  

ST. MARY CEMETERY CLEANUP: will be Wednesday, May 23 @ 5:30.  Confirmation kids who need service hours, here’s a great way to get a few!  Weed eaters, shovels, brooms, rakes, skid loader, a load or two of good top soil (Cary L/Justin H?!), pry bars, etc. are a few things we’ll need along with the usual smiles, good cheer and camaraderie.  Oh, and some of those good chocolate chips cookies we had last year, hint, hint J  Since we do not have anyone hired yet to mow the grounds, if there are people who would bring mowers too, we can get the cemetery mowed and the Social Center mowed as well.  I’ve been trying to do some of the mowing since I came back on Tuesday, but the cemetery is big and there are lots of tombstones to go around!


THANK YOU Christian Mothers for attending our 2018 Banquet.  The meal was delicious, thanks to the Guild.  Congratulations to the honored guests: 50 Years – Bernie Staudinger, Kathy Hueske Marie Hauck.  60 Years - Bonnie Hecker.  70 Years- Eugenia Messer, Barbara Hoff, Florentine Boehm, Gladys Melchoir, Eleanor Zent.  How blessed we are to have so many faithful members.  Thank you to Fr. Thomas for always supporting us & for your encouraging words.  Thank you to Margaret (Schuld) Barnhart for sharing with us your “Love of Words”, Fantastic!

JUNE 3 GIFT BEARERS: Koleen Hoff & Delores Baer

JUNE USHERS: Saturday: Leo & Colleeen Miller, Gary & Cathy Tormaschy   Sunday: Jerry Aluise, Deanna Voltz, Sheri Gebhardt, Gaite Gebhardt


YOU PROBABLY NOTICED: the baptismal Font in the entry way.  I forgot to mention that a suggestion was made to the Council that it also be repaired and repainted and used.  I will wait to get a quote but in the meantime, it may “appear” in different places so we get an idea of where it could be placed more visibly than in the cry room. 

JUNE USHERS: Chuck Schorsch & James Thomas



SPRING CLEANUP DAY: will be Saturday, June 9 starting @ 1:00 and with Mass @ 5:30.  Projects include: redoing the rocks around the church, perhaps mowing the cemetery, leveling settled graves, repairing some gutters, etc., etc. Mark your calendars!



ST. THOMAS CEMETERY: Cleanup day will be Monday, May 21 @ 6:00 pm.  Thanks everyone for coming to help clean our nice cemetery. 

JUNE USHERS: Margaret Wieglenda & Dean Baar


PLEASE PRAY for those who are seriously ill, terminally ill or in immediate concern.  Karen Wolf, Jacob Reyles, Greg Meyer, Sherry Urlacher, Rosie Weiler, Mary Ann Hoff, LaDonna Portscheller, Peter Hecker and all others in need.  They appreciate our remembrance in prayer.

R-T BLOOD DRIVE on Thur. May 31 from 2:30 – 7:00 pm at the Am. Legion.  To schedule an appointment call Judy Roll @ 974-3438 or go to www.bloodhero.com.  Sponsoring is the KC Council of Gladstone,



      As we celebrate Pentecost this weekend we conclude the Easter Season.  May the Holy Spirit pour out his gifts upon us; may we pray to receive them and may we put them to use in our daily lives.  To refresh your memory, those gifts: Wisdom (ability to judge and direct our human life according to God’s truth), Understanding (penetrating insight into the very heart of things, especially eternal salvation; the ability to “see” God), Counsel (allows us to be directed by God in all matters necessary for our salvation), Fortitude (firmness of mind in doing good and avoiding evil, especially when it is difficult to do so), Knowledge (ability to judge correctly about matters of faith and right/moral actions), Piety (reverence for God, giving worship to God and respect for all people as they are created in God’s image and likeness), Fear of God (healthy respect and honor for God such that we avoid separating ourselves from God). 

      While we do end Easter this Sunday the next 2 Sundays are important Solemnities which honor 2 important mysteries of our faith: the most Holy Trinity (May 27) and the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, June 3.  Us older Catholics remember the latter as “Corpus Christi,” (Latin) and probably the procession through the church or outside with the 1st Communion kids and the monstrance holding the Blessed Sacrament.  We pray for deeper reverence and appreciation for the Eucharist. 

      We will honor/recognize our Seniors graduating high school at the 10:00 St. Mary Mass on May 27.  Seniors, or parents, please let Mrs. Olson know if you are attending.  You should have received something by email or text.

      Don’t forget, the annual “Blessing of Seeds & Fields” on Saturday, May 26.  It will be during the regular 7:30 am Mass with the monks joining us and a procession to the garden, weather permitting.  Please consider attending, bringing some of your soil, plants or seeds for blessing.  A breakfast will follow in the Abbey Dining Room.  Blessings like this are an ancient part of the Church and help remind us of God, “from whom all blessings flow.”  We will also resume the Monday morning Mass for moisture beginning this week





We will also continue our tradition of celebrating a 9:00 Memorial Day Mass (Monday, May 28) at the St. Mary Cemetery Forster Chapel.  We usually have at least 40 people from the 3 parishes and area parishes who bring their chairs, blankets, hats and jackets.  The Chapel is also open at that time.  Consider joining us to pray for all the deceased parishioners and Vets.   

      If you are interested in a part-time janitorial job, with some flexible hours (probably 10-15 hrs/week, possibly more) and a variety of tasks, we could be a good match.  We also need a person to mow and take care of the cemetery.  The 2 jobs could be combined for a more full-time position for 1 person too.  Inquire at the office.

      The meetings in Yankton went well and I had several nice visits with mom in West Point.  While she was a bit “fuzzy” at times about who I was and what was happening, she remains pleasant and in good spirits.  She still has her sense of humor and ready smile but is no longer ambulatory and doesn’t eat much.  My 2nd younger brother Allan and I brought her a dandelion bouquet for Mother’s Day which she enjoyed and showed to other residents!

      While I was gone, it rained or misted everyday in Yankton, SD and West Point, NE.  I did try to bring some of that back but I guess we just need to keep praying and putting our trust in God’s ways.

      Finally, God loves us so much that he accepts us just the way we are…but he loves us too much to leave us that way!

      Fr. Thomas, OSB  








May 21                   St. Thomas Cemetery Cleanup 6:00 pm

May 23                   St. Mary Cemetery Cleanup 5:30 @ pm

May 26 (Sat.)         7:30 am Mass, Blessing of Seeds/Fields, Breakfast with Monks          

May 27                   Baccalaureate Mass 10:00 @ St. Mary

May 28                   9:00 Memorial Day Mass @ St. Mary Cemetery

May 27-31              Monks on retreat

May 31                   Richardton Blood Drive 2:30-7:00 @ Legion Hall

June 9                    Klein Wedding @ St. Mary 2 pm

                                St. Stephen Clean-up Day 1:00 & 5:30 Mass

June 10                  St. Mary Parish Picnic following 10 Mass @ Social Center

June 16                  Crystal Hauck/Armbrust Wedding @ St Mary 2 pm

June 17                  Father’s Day

June 23                  Thomas Baptism @ St. Stephen 7 pm

July 8                     St. Stephen Parish Picnic 4:00 Mass/Picnic

July 16-19              Vacation Bible School @St Mary

July 21                   Meyer/Lengenfelder Wedding @ St Mary 2 pm

Sept. 15                  Messmer/Hardy Wedding @ St. Stephen 4 pm