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Iconography Our Lady of Vladimir Oil  and Gold Leaf on Wood 7 inches x 9 inches  1983


Watch a short video (below) of  Br. Llewellyn painting the icon.  Iconography is an ancient Art-Form  that can be traced back to the Apostle Luke.

The Evangelist is credited with painting the very first Icon.  Today very

few artists posses the skills necessary  to produce the icon  because the process is so unforgiving and time consuming. Despite the challenges the medium presents , a Benedictine Monk has spent the past two years following in the brush strokes of the Biblical Icon.

Passing the Gift of Creativity

Follow the steps of the journey in  writing an Icon with Master Iconographer Brother Llewellyn Kouba OSB The Mortar and Pestal are important  items for grinding of the raw pigments for the Egg Tempera Medium © Here Llewellyn is applying the Final Olifa to one of the side panels that make up the   now completed , 4 x 8 foot Triptych  titled   Passing the Gift  of Creativity Angels from the Center Panel More to come ©  2010 L. Kouba Passing the Gift of Creativity Read about the meaning and symbolism  Of this Icon on the next page