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Assumption Abbey
418 Third Ave West, Richardton, ND 58652
(701) 974-3315

Tenmoku Plate with an Iris Pattern Satin Brown Tea Tea with a satin brown glaze & cane handle Vase turq&brown Lotus Pattern Vase Greg Wilhelmi OIL Oil Painting by  Greg Wilhelmi Large Leaf Plate Large Tenmoku Plate Vase Corn Ash Leaf Vase with Corn Ash Glaze Carved Wheat Vase Carved Wheat Vase Carved Bowl Vase Opaline Cylinder Vase Covered dish with glaze called  ‘Yellowstone’ This limited edition series is sold out Vase in a cylinder shape Oval Dish Carved Leaf Bowl Opaline browns Ginger Pot Hand built ~ Wall Planter Quiche Dish Quiche Dish Fern Planter Square Trays Oval Dish Calla Lilies Oval dish Bird House Pedestal Yellowstone Frog Dish Rust Frog Dish Green Frog Tan Stoneware Planter with Staghorn Fern Persian Matte olive Persian Tiger Spots Persian Tenmoku I frequently do a series of these. I call them “Persians”  They are hand altered to an oval shape. Bowl Form Electra