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Assumption Abbey
418 Third Ave West, Richardton, ND 58652
(701) 974-3315

Leaf Mugs Stuartiana Bowl Coral Reef plate Rim Rocks Vase Table of wares Aztec King Lotion Bottle Vinegar & Oil set Oil and Vinegar Set Plum Three Honey Bee Pot Honey Pot Metallic Honey Pot Green Flash The Sun Bathers The Anniversary Bowl Carved piece with orange Peel Glaze and turquoise accents A group of Porcelain leaf mugs This one is called a ‘Seed and Harvest’ Bowl A little Oil Lamp with a brown orange Peel Glaze Ming Vase MING VASE A studio Table full of Porcelain Oil lamps and Lotion dispensers. Bright and beautiful in both Matte or gloss colors.  Cone 6 Carved Bowl Form Blue and brown Orange Peel Glaze - cone 9 reduction

Porcelain 1

Simple Elegance with Badlands Glaze and Fluted edges. The Aztec Collection Oil Lamp in Teal Blue Honey Pot Honey Pot In Turquoise Turquoise Matte Bowl Celedon Tea Persian with Emerald Jade Glaze One of my all time favorite glaze colors  ~ ‘Badlands’.  A very illusive color to get  even in reduction high fire cone 9. Covered Dish Fluted Dish With Metallic Zinc Blessing Cup Hand Carved Blessing Cup For  Scott & Margo Carved Barium Blue Bowl Purple Bath oil Perfume bottle blue Quetzal vase Aztec Collection Persian Emerald Honey Bee Pot CCeledon Tea Crocus Inn