© Copyright 2011, Assumption Abbey Pottery, L. Kouba

Assumption Abbey
418 Third Ave West, Richardton, ND 58652
(701) 974-3315

This photo shows the inside chamber lined with brick and a metal grate.

Kiln God's Smiling on us Kiln Sunrise Toasted Marshmallows anyone ! ND 4 HAPPY POTTERS ! Archivist checks it out Studio Glazing Kiln Chamber loaded My Pots Shellys Wart Hog The Baby is so Cute! Rhino Family Tail Gate Snack Bar Tail Gate Snack Bar WE MADE ELEPHANTS ! FIRST FIRE ~  A SUCCESS ! A Keeper ~ Rare ! Colorful pot Orange Pot Oriental Kiln goddess Shellys Pot Two Masters Hey is anyone in charge ? Swirl Pot All our Pots Where is the ‘Trainer’ ? Naked Raku Process pulled from kiln wood fire An Oriental Flavor  to this covered vessel by L. Kouba (C) Vase 10.5 A special Thank you to Shelly, Bonnie, and Tama for all the work you did in making this event a successful one! 4 potters cyclinder vase Bonnie Pot Bonnie Pot 2 Bowl by Bonnie Three vessels by Ash Coulee Pottery