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Assumption Abbey
418 Third Ave West, Richardton, ND 58652
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tall horsehair Me at Pit pit fire pot group terra cotta crackle turq single Burnished wine flask jinger lidded Turquoise group horsehair We had a wonderful time doing a pit fire at Shelly Haugen’s ranch  near Alexander ND last fall. Lidded Jar Wine Flask Horse hair Raku This vessel was hand burnished to a beautiful soft satin sheen. Low fired Turquoise Pots Metallic Glazes on This Raku Pot show every color of the rainbow Horsehair Raku A Beautiful Little Vase  In Turquoise Matte A lovely crackled pit fired piece A newly burnished pot Watch  this page for more creative pieces to come out of the smokey  fires that take place at  Shelly Haugen Ranch.

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