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Assumption Abbey
418 Third Ave West, Richardton, ND 58652
(701) 974-3315

Buffalo Plate 10.5 inch  Glaze Rosa Dora

North Dakota Clay outcropping

North Dakota Pottery Collector's Society

(C) 2007   L..  Kouba

Ceramic 11 X 16 Terra Cotta Tile

Majolica Multi - Glazed

Framed in a Bronze Green Brown Wood

North Dakota Sentinel A group of  North Dakota  clays made at Abbey Pottery North Dakota Clay piece. This Glaze Is called Rim-Rocks. Bowl Form  Approximately 7 inches.   $70  sold Scarab Bowl Iris Plate

The Song of the Pot 

I am a lucky little lump of North Dakota clay, 

My heart is filled with gladness 

And I sing a song all day, 

For a potter found me worthy of his very finest ware, 

And fashioned me upon his wheel 

With tender loving care. 

With the magic of his fingers gave me form and life and soul, 

Transformed me from a shapeless clod 

Into a flower bowl. 

And as I hold within my arms a prairie rose bouquet 

I bless the hand that made me 

All from North Dakota clay. 


Margaret Kelly Cable 

University of North Dakota 

* The Cable Years * 

1910 -1949 

1 One of my Personal BEST Beautiful Carved vase ND GLAZE Sold Tenmoku vase altered * THE CABLE YEARS * Margaret Kelly Cable sold