Monks on Mission

“Brothers sent on mission will ask the Abbot and community to pray for them.  All absent brothers should always be remembered at the closing prayer of the Work of God.” (Rule of St. Benedict: Ch. 67)

The monastic tradition, within which Assumption Abbey was founded, contains two major

thrusts.  The first is monastic life lived at the Abbey.  This way of life is mainly characterized

by communal and private prayer, work, meals and recreation in common.

 The second thrust of our way of life is having monks serve outside the monastery

helping to meet the needs of the church.  For us, we usually seek to serve the pastoral or

educational needs of our area or nearby states.  Thus we have monks who are pastors of

parishes.  We also have monks serving as professors at a Catholic university.

 Those who serve outside the monastery are called Monks on Mission.  It is their task, not

only to perform the work their job entails, but to bring to their work the monastic values of

simplicity, humility and preferring nothing to the love of Christ.

 Monks on Mission remain full members of Assumption Abbey.  They come to visit their

monastic home as often as they can.  Monks may serve outside the monastery for short

periods, or for most of their monastic lives.  But they are always mindful of their monastic

identity, live monastic values, and return to the monastery when they are assigned to a job

at the Abbey or when they retire or become ill.  They come home at various times,

including our monastic retreats and business meetings.

 Assumption Abbey has a daughter house, Monasterio Benedictino de Tibatí, in Bogotá

Colombia.  Two North Americans serve there as well as 12 native Colombians.  In the future

we hope this monastery will take its place as an independent house.

Fr. Anthony Baker says Mass at the

University of Mary

Fr. Basil Atwell is the Pastor at Garrison,     

North Dakota

The Monks of Assumption Abbey provide Sacramental and

Pastoral services to our neighbors to the west, the Sisters of

Sacred Heart Monestary. They, in turn, minister to the Abbey

teaching classes, giving spirtual guidance, and sharing special

Feast days with us. The Sisters of SHM reach out in a special way

to the greater Richardton Community as well.

With Fr. Thomas Wordekemper, OSB, a monk of Assumption

Abbey as Pastor of St. Mary Parish, the three Catholic

institutions - Sacred Heart Monestary, St. Mary Parish, and

Assumption Abbey - are very blessed to be able to reach

out to the people in need of God’s loving and

healing presence in our area.

Assumption Abbey

Fr. Anthony Baker says Mass at the

University of Mary

Fr. Basil Atwell is the Pastor at Garrison,     

North Dakota

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